Graphic designer with a passion for minimalism and visual concepts.

My name is Aisling Kathrine C. Kassow, and I am a freelance graphic designer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

As the granddaughter of a typographer and decorator, being a born-and-raised Scandinavian and having grown up in Copenhagen amongst endless beautiful bus stop posters, minimalist coffee table books, and an inspiring fashion scene, I naturally have a keen eye for aesthetics, and eagerly incorporate my take on elegance, minimalism, and innovation in my work. I have a passion for creating and applying design and creative thinking in all aspects of my projects. My focus is always to create unique and innovative concepts, as I believe a strong design is both rich in the visual and practical sense.

I was first given the opportunity to work as a JUNIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER at Goodwings, working closely with the Art Director, and have since been employed at ferm LIVING and later Merō Studio.

I decided to branch out, and start my own business in September 2018, when I was only a month into my MULTIMEDIA DESIGN studies as Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, and with only a few independent projects in my portfolio. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with many inspiring clients on many amazing projects!